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Who We Serve

Humanitarian Organizations

Humanitarian organizations often drill boreholes to provide communities with water, only to find that the groundwater is contaminated. PROtector Treatment Systems works with our NGO clients to design complete water treatment solutions that take into account local concerns and cultural considerations as well as maintenance and supply chain challenges. Our experienced team will help you to consider all operational aspects of your PROtector program before your project begins.

Locally-Owned Water Vendors

The team at PROtector Treatment systems advocates social entrepreneurship and believes that PROtector programs work better when driven by a profit motive. Locally owned PROtector water vending kiosks offer an affordable source of drinking water as well as employment opportunities for community members. PROtector Treatment Systems helps our small business clients to assess the potential of their local market and develop their business plan and budget. We then support our client during the setup phase of their business with supply chain assistance and employee training.

Socially Responsible Corporations

PROtector Treatment Systems offers our commercial clients custom designed systems that meet the goals of sustainable business. Our experience working in Africa, the South Pacific and other developing regions allows us to tackle projects in remote areas that other companies are not equipped to handle. When designing commercial systems, our engineers consider the environmental and operational challenges on a site specific basis, and ensure that the equipment provided is suited to each unique application.

At PROtector Treatment Systems, we encourage our corporate clients to operate on a Triple Bottom Line basis. This means that as well as considering the financial benefits for the company, they also consider natural world betterment, and social advantages for employees and members of the local community. When a client is considering one of our systems for their commercial water requirements, we suggest that they consider increasing the capacity of that system and offer a source of clean water for their employees and their families.

PROtector Design

Whether you are interested a humanitarian program, a water vending kiosk or a commercial water treatment system, PROtector Treatment Systems will work with you to design and build the optimal system for your application.

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The Problem

According to the UN, water-related diseases are the leading cause of death in the world, taking the lives of more than 6,000 people every day. Such diseases are contracted from drinking unsafe, contaminated water in locations where adequate treatment Woman in Flood Pumping Wateris either unpractical or unaffordable. The total number of people around the globe without sustainable access to safe drinking water currently stands at over 1 billion - a shocking figure which equals one sixth of the world's population. Whilst the common consensus is to dig wells and drill boreholes, the extracted water is often brackish (salty) due to having a high mineral content – and in many parts of the world, groundwater contains harmful 'dissolved' contaminants such as fluoride and arsenic. Furthermore, boreholes, wells and underground storage tanks are prone to contamination from surface run off, sewage and seawater - especially in the wake of a storm, flood, earthquake or other natural disaster.

The Solution

PROtector water purification systems are able to extract and treat water directly from boreholes, wells, streams, rivers and lakes. Each system is custom designed and configured to treat water from a specific source, ensuring that the maximum amount of water is produced for the minimum amount of energy expended. Our system designers utilize ceramic, nano, ultra and reverse osmosis filtration to remove contaminants such as silt, colloidal particles, bacteria, viruses, protozoa, cysts, metals, fluoride and arsenic. We are also able to produce systems that reduce salt from brackish water sources to safe and palatable levels.


Don't have time to find out more about the PROtector online? Grab a copy of our PDF documents and read them on the go!

PROtector Brochure

A general overview of the PROtector hand-powered water treatment system and what it is capable of.

Program Proposal

An example PROtector program proposal. This document is annotated with instructions on how to create a proposal for your PROtector program. An editable Microsoft Word version is also available.

Pilot Program Six Month Progress Report

Catch up on the latest from the PROtector pilot installation in Longech, Kenya in this exciting report.

PROtector Prgram Management White Paper

A guide aimed at helping organizations to establish a successful protector program. This white paper contains procedures for system monitoring, maintenance, reporting, troubleshooting and repair.

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